Birch - Betula Pendula


We supply European Birch in square edged sawn or machined boards, and in Frame Grade, Asian Frame Grade, and prime clear boards, upon request. Our main sources of this material are from the well managed, and sustainable forests of Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This supply is mainly used for upholstery frames, and other visible show wood, furniture components.

Beech - Fagus Sylvatica

We supply beech in waney and square edged, kiln dried or air dried boards, and in some cases component blanks. It is available in 2nds, 1sts, Intermediate, and Prime qualities. This timber is sourced from Germany and Denmark, who are world leaders in the management and sustainability of hardwood forests.
This species is used for high quality furniture frames, as well as many different types of show wood components, because of its quality of finish and ability to take a stain and lacquer well.

Oak - Quercus Robur / Petraea

We supply oak in a number of different qualities, from 2nds up to clear prime boards. As with the beech, all of our oak is sourced from Germany and Denmark, and is subject to the extremely high quality control, environmental, and sustainability standards that you would expect from world leading hardwood supplying countries.
Although most of the oak which we supply is manufactured into polished legs, feet, and other show wood furniture components, we are able to offer some qualities and sizes which are more suited to joinery and structural building work.